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FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, designed for Android devices. It offers additional features and customization options not available on the original app.

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Today, we’ll explore FM WhatsApp, a customized variant of the original WhatsApp app. Features, benefits, and drawbacks are highlighted in this article. Therefore, if you want to read something intriguing, you should pay attention.

In the contemporary society we live in, communication is essential. In general, a lot of messaging apps integrated into the market with the introduction of smartphones.

Although many different applications are utilized by people, WhatsApp is the undisputed messaging platform. In every sort of messaging, it enables you to maintain the highest level of privacy. But as we are human, we always desire more. Due to this, developers are creating modifications to WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK Latest

Why did FM WhatsApp get made?

As you are aware, the official WhatsApp app has several shortcomings, particularly in terms of customization and privacy. An app with these two fantastic qualities was necessary. To give you the updated version of this program, FM WhatsApp mod developers tweak the original WhatsApp application.

You will get a ton of new features by downloading the FM WhatsApp most recent version, including the ability to disable the blue tick and online status in WhatsApp modifications.

Why do you prefer FM WhatsApp?

As you are already aware, the original WhatsApp was modified to create this app. But why would you want to utilize it? This question’s simple solution is to add exciting features and a better visual experience that are missing from the original App.

You have the option to completely customize this application, which allows you to make it exactly how you want it. This upgraded version’s only objective is to offer more features, a user-friendly interface, and desired enhancements.

People always favor modifications over the original program as they are a preferable choice. Because it adds new functionalities that aren’t available in the official program, which enhances the user experience. Because of this, a lot of individuals favor using WhatsApp modifications.

For example, FM WhatsApp enables you to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a single Android smartphone, offers endless customization options due to the theme store’s dozens of thousands of themes, and adds privacy features that the original application lacked.

FM WhatsApp: What is it exactly?

FM WhatsApp is the upgraded variant of the official application. It is made by Foud Apps (the developer is FoudMakkad). FM WhatsApp has advanced control tools and privacy capabilities that improve the user experience, just like GB WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp. For instance, you will find options for hiding chats, storing a contact’s status, seeing deleted stories, and messages, and much more.

With over one billion downloads on several devices, it has gained popularity as a result of these amazing features. Everybody wants to continuously use the latest features of any application, and FM WhatsApp makes this possible.

It is not the official version of WhatsApp, therefore you cannot install it from the Google Play Store. You will download it using Google or another online browser. However, you should take caution and utilize antivirus software before installing the app because third-party websites will include malware and viruses.

Key Features

This app’s most recent version has new enhancements and unique features that we’ll go through below.

Control flight mode

You will disconnect from this function and make an offline appearance. Even when your wifi or internet is on. You will avoid getting any messages until you’re ready to turn them off due to this.

Send messages with a saving

Before sending texts, you are not required to have a number saved on your phone. Through FM WhatsApp, you will message contacts who are not saved. This function is useful for people who need to get in touch with plenty of people but don’t know them personally because it spares you the stress of having to erase that one text.

Disable your last seen

In WhatsApp chats, some users enjoy hiding their most recent location. Although this functionality is approved in the original version, you cannot view other people’s last-seen details on WhatsApp. With FM WhatsApp, you will view other users’ last seen while they cannot view yours due to a special feature.

Enhance your limit

Unlike the original version of WhatsApp, which only allows you to communicate with 250 people, WhatsApp now allows you to message 500 people. Additionally, it allows you to share up to 60 photographs simultaneously, as opposed to the original version’s 30 images.

Anti-delete status


Normally, we cannot view the deleted status, but FM WhatsApp’s function allows you to access people’s statuses even if they are erased.

Anti-delete messages

Another intriguing aspect of FM WhatsApp is this one. Reviewing deleted messages is useful. For instance, the recipient can see that a message is deleted but isn’t able to read the content if the sender deletes it after delivering it. However, you will view all of the deleted messages using this function.


The original App’s green theme is easily swapped out for any other color and selection from the library. Your library, which will accommodate thousands of themes, is open to you adding new themes. All of the app’s icons are customized by altering the colors and icon designs.

Eliminate message forwarded Tag

On WhatsApp, there is always a tag that reads ‘Forwarded’ and this is bothersome. However, by using this app you will easily forward engaging stuff on FM WhatsApp without the ‘forwarded’ tag.

Decide who will call you

Receiving calls occasionally is an annoyance, especially if the caller calls again to follow up. You will have control over who can call you with FM WhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp APK For Android

FMWhatsApp New
App NameFMWhatsApp
Last Updated1 day ago

Changelog v10.06

Base Update

Added Ability to Share Multiple Images / Videos / Files at Same Time From Chat to Outside Apps
Added Select Default “Translate to” Language in Convos (Mods > Universal > Settings)
Added Option to Group Admin Indicator Turn On / Off (Mods > Conversation Screen)
Added Option to Save After Preview Image / Video (3-Dot > Save to Gallery)
Added Preview Image / Video Without Saving to Phone
Added Mods Backups Now Created .ZIP File
Added Repost Option for Story / Status

Enabled Admin Can Remove Other People Messages in Group Chats (Only Works When Users on New Base)
Enabled Online Privacy! Choose Who Can See When You’re Online (Settings > Account > Privacy)
Enabled Leave Groups Secretly Without All People Knowing (Only Admins Can See You Left)
Enabled Ability to See Past Participants of Groups (Who Left and When!)
Enabled Filter Unread Messages Using Search
Enabled New Status Privacy Design UI
Enabled Quick Reactions to Status
Enabled New Text Status UI
Enabled New Drawing Pen

Improved Mods Backups Now Moved to Storage / Documents Folder
Improved Translations

Fixed Mods Backups Now Will Stay Even if WhatsApp is Uninstalled
Fixed Crash in Message Scheduler Page on Some Phones
Fixed View All Person’s Messages in Group Chat
Fixed Group Message Counter in Group Info Page
Fixed Go to First Message

Moved Translate Option Settings to Mods > Universal > Settings
Misc Improved Anti-ban
Misc Other Fixes And Improvements


How to Install FMWhatsApp APK?

Step 1: Establish an internet connection.

Step 2: Open your browser and look for the FM WhatsApp download option.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the link with the Android icon when you find it.

Step 4: Click on the page that reads “download FM WhatsApp” after scrolling down to find it.

Step 5: It will take you to a different page; scroll down and, for the final time, click on “download FM WhatsApp.”

Step 6: Get the APK file.

On your phone, deactivate the original WhatsApp. (Back up all of your conversation and file data to prevent data loss.) The procedures listed below should help you back up your files.

  • Go to WhatsApp, and select the menu.
  • Settings, and choose Chats.
  • Select Chat Backup, and then tap the backup button.

The information is saved on cloud storage, and you will retrieve the files from your internal storage.

Step 7: Hit the install button. Open your phone’s settings and select security settings if the process doesn’t begin right away.

Step 8: Allow installation from untrusted sources.

Step 9: Go to the FM WhatsApp APK and select “install”.

Step 10: Open the application and enter your mobile number after completing the installation.

Step 11: The number you will use to complete the setup will receive an OTP. You’ve effectively installed FM WhatsApp on your device once the setup is finished.


  • There are more alternatives for privacy. For instance, people will find it tough to detect whether you are using FM WhatsApp.
  • It contains an anti-delete feature that keeps the recipient from deleting your sent messages.
  • A new security feature that aids in blocking access to your conversation.
  • There are over a thousand themes in the library, which allows you to pick whatever theme you like, and more.
  • You will easily send up to ten photos in a single message.
  • Moreover, you will share up to 700 MB of huge files.


  • It is impossible to determine whether your data is shared widely.
  • Because the developers have access to your messages, it will affect your security.
  • The functions don’t operate as quickly as the original program did.


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The servers for the original WhatsApp are operating without issues. But FM WhatsApp is the ideal alternative if you want a little more variation in your app menu.

You will receive the new features missing from the original app due to this one. However, you shouldn’t use the modified version of your privacy and legality is your top priority.

Although the modified App will provide you with variety, flexibility, and personalization, it cannot completely ensure your privacy. We gave you thorough explanations.

You now have the choice, and the results are your responsibility. Decide what’s best for you after evaluating the benefits and drawbacks. All we can do is steer you. But, the choice is always your own.

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