These days, people want to choose only those applications that give more functionality and hate apps that fail to give any outcome. That’s the only reason to leads users to MOD versions like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. 

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a MOD version of WhatsApp that offers the extended features of WhatsApp Messenger like hiding last seen, restrictions on calling, Hiding blue ticks, locking separate chats, etc. We introduced Flight Mode in FM WhatsApp to avoid disturbance and distraction. 

Why is it important to enable Flight mode?

Sometimes, people are too busy in their routine life, and they don’t want to get distracted by WhatsApp messages all day. But, at the same time, a message popup is showing on the Android screen that disturbs you from your busy routine life. Importantly, you can’t make your phone silent or notification sound off. Because there must be a chance to miss important calls. That’s why we bring an important feature known as Flight Mode and How To Control Flight Mode In FMWhatsApp. 

What is Flight Mode in FM WhatsApp?

Yes, you are thinking absolutely right because FM WhatsApp v9.93 has launched Flight Mode for Android. Previously, the DND mode was not suitable for all Android devices, which is why developers put their full attention to introducing Flight Mode in FM WhatsApp’s latest version. Eventually, Flight Mode will turn you offline even when data is on. It means your FM WhatsApp status shows offline. No doubt, this feature is for busy people who don’t have time to see messages. 

How To Control Flight Mode In FMWhatsApp?

No doubt, there are multiple ways to activate Flight mode in FM WhatsApp. But, here, we will discuss suitable methods for users. 

  • Open FM WhatsApp on your phone.
  • On the top right corner, you will see Flight Mode (Airplane option) before the search icon.
  • Tap once on the Airplane mode icon, which is available on the top bar of FM WhatsApp.
  • “When Flight Mode is activated, you will not be able to receive any messages”.
  • Then select OK.
  • Wait for a while, your application will restart, and airplane mode will get activated.
  • You will not receive any message when Flight mode is activated. 

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