How To Hide Last Seen and Online in FMWhatsApp

Our fast messaging service has a number of features such as hiding online status, last seen, hiding “typing…”, and others. These features of FM WhatsApp have a great shield of technology that will enhance privacy by hiding online status. Using this powerful app; you can hide everything with a single click. Even hide online and last seen of group chats in FM WhatsApp. 

How To Hide Last Seen and Online in FMWhatsApp

Why is it important to Hide Last seen?

People sometimes anxious us by seeing us online, and because of this, we have to face a lot of trouble. According to me, privacy is the most important thing in human life. We introduce the fantastic Hide Last Seen feature in FM WhatsApp. 

No one can see your last seen, even online status. Moreover, hide your last seen while chatting, make your online status private, and even hide the last time you were active. Additionally, FM WhatsApp APK brings safe and secure features for easy communication with loved ones.

How to Hide last seen or online in FM WhatsApp?

Before going to hide the last scene, you should back up your chat. The backup setting will help you during this process.

  1. Access privacy Settings in FM WhatsApp by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. 
  2. Click on the “Privacy” option.
  3. In the Privacy section, see “Last Seen.” By default, it is set to “Everyone”.
  4. Click on the option and select “Nobody”.
  5. You can choose “My Contacts” according to your requirements, but if you want to hide the last seen, follow the settings mentioned above.
  6. Save changes and see your last seen, and your online status will get hidden.


Now, your last seen status on FM WhatsApp has become invisible to others. Nobody will disturb you by seeing your last seen or online status. So, don’t wait; go and get FM WhatsApp with unlimited astonishing features.

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